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Bitzy Notes Musical Pull-Down Toy


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Itzy Ritzy’s Bitzy Notes Musical Pull-Down Toy

A convenient lullaby to go!

Create calming vibes wherever you go with our Bitzy Notes musical pull toy! Made of soft natural cotton fabric, this plush baby toy easily attaches to your car seat or stroller and plays a soothing melody with a simple pull. It also includes a grasping ring and ribbons to encourage further interaction from your little one. Cue the music, it’s time to chill!

  • Soothing lullaby plays for approximately 60 seconds
  • Included ring and ribbons encourage reaching and grasping
  • The soft cotton straps allow the toy to easily attach to a car seat or stroller
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Pull For a Soothing Melody

The Bitzy Notes toy plays a lullaby that lasts for approximately 60 seconds.

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Perfect For A Stroller or Car Seat

The Bitzy Notes toy can easily attach to your car seat or stroller with its soft cotton straps.

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Interactive Features

The grasping ring and textured ribbons on the Bitzy Notes toy encourage reaching and grabbing and help teach cause and effect.

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