Black Bamboo Footrest For Ikea Antilop Baby Highchair


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*** This listing is for bamboo footrest in black only. For Ikea highchair, Hey Little Buddy cushion covers, placemats or natural bamboo footrest, please refer to our other listings. ***

The Ikea Antilop Highchair is cheap, made of plastic so it is easy to clean, and loved by many but it is lacking one thing – a footrest.

Imagine sitting on a chair that is high with our feet dangling – not so comfortable isn’t it? We would wriggle our feet, fidget, and move a lot just to adjust our position to be more comfortable. Sometimes we can’t even concentrate because we are distracted. Same goes with little kids.

Little kids can’t speak for themselves and can’t tell us that they are uncomfortable. By providing them a footrest, they will be more stable, more properly positioned, and are able to concentrate more on eating and participating in mommy’s messy play-time activities.

Our footrest is made of 100% bamboo, it is adjustable, and easy to install. For more information and installation video, follow us on Instagram at!

TIPS: Fit the footrest right in diagonally and adjust it to the right comfort level and position. The ideal posture for stability and comfort is 90-degree angle of the hips, knees, and feet.

Note: There may be variation in the paint coloration due to the varying bamboo grain pattern from one footrest to another.

Safety Warning: Although the footrest is beneficial in providing support and promote a proper posture, it makes it easier for a child to push themselves out of their seat. Please ensure that your child is always strapped in the highchair, and do not leave your child unattended. Please also note that the footrest is not meant to fully withstand your babies kick or weight so some sliding down may occur.

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