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tzy Bitzy Rattle Baby Wrist Rattle




Itzy Ritzy’s Itzy Bitzy Rattle

A wearable baby wrist rattle that is sure to keep baby entertained!

Shake it, babe! Our Itzy Bitzy Rattle is sure to captivate and delight baby with every move they make. Made of soft natural cotton fabric, it easily attaches to baby’s wrist or ankle without feeling scratchy. The gentle rattle sound teaches them cause & effect while also encouraging essential motor skills! The Bitzy Rattle also features textured ribbons as an addition play feature. It truly is baby’s first toy!

  • Mom or dad can place the Bitzy Rattle on baby’s wrist or ankle to keep them entertained
  • The gentle rattle sound helps teach cause and effect – watch as baby learns that they are the one making the rattle noise!
  • Included textured ribbons add another way to keep baby’s hands busy
  • Sold as one individual rattle
  • Designed for ages 0 months and up
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Easily Attaches to Wrist or Ankle

The Itzy Bitzy Rattle is made of soft cotton and includes an easy-to-fasten wristband that can be placed on baby’s wrist or ankle without any worry of scratching them.

itzy ritzy, wrist rattle

Baby Will Learn Cause and Effect

Your baby will hear the rattle noise and learn that they are the one making it! This teaches them cause and effect while also helping encourage essential motor skills.

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Includes Textured Ribbons

Each wrist rattle includes textured ribbons as an added play feature!

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